4x4x4 LED CUBE

Hey Guys, here we are using 64 Green LED’s, a Arduino Uno Microcontroller, shift reistors, 20 resistors and 4 NPN transistors to make 4*4*4 LED Cube.

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Total Materials

  • 64 Green LED’s :
  • 20 resistors :
  • 4 NPN transistors :
  • Arduino Uno :
  • Shift resistor IC :
  • Brass Wires :


The construction of LED CUBE is very simple. At first we have to connect 16 cathodes with each other in each plane of the 16 LED’s. Same thing we have to do with other planes with other 16 LED’s. Finally connect the anodes in each plane respectively.

Connect Resistors and Transistors

We have 16 columns and 4 rows. Each column is connected with 150 ohm resistor and each row is connected with 1K ohm resistor using NPN Transistors.

Connect Shift Resistors and Arduino

Now we have to control 20 outputs (16 columns and 4 rows) so we need 20 wires through Arduino but instead of that we are using a shift resistor (74HC595) IC and we can control 6 outputs using only 3 inputs (Data, Clock and Latch) of shift resistors. Not only 20 outputs, we can control any no of outputs using only 3 pins using shift resistors.

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