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About Us

Hello Readers, Luckily the cloud cover is on our site today ! We have completed our graduation in the field of Engineering and want to do something prolific from the union of science and technology. Also, we have always found Electronics as a fascinating subject and our profound interest. So, this is our page of Robotics where you can inflate your taste in Electronics, Mechanics and Coding related articles.

Why Robotics ?

Robotics is a mixture of different kinds of engineering such as mechanical, electronics, computer science and information technology, also is a pathway to our upcoming future.

Robotics is a new normal and is widely used in different areas like Agriculture, Health, Education, Logistics, Transport, Industry, etc.

What you will get ?

Through our site readers can not only learn how to code but also can get a concrete grasp on various other exposure of Robotics. One can easily connect with different technology platforms, boost creativity and can develop one’s proficiency in Physics, Algebra, Digital Electronics and Computer Science. You can easily build many Artificial Intelligence based gadgets from basic to advanced level.