Automatic Hand Sanitizer घर पर कैसे बनाये

Today in this video we will discuss how to control Hand Sanitizer using IR (Infrared) Sensor automatically.

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(1) IR Sensor(Pack of 3) :
(2) 7805 Voltage Regulating IC :
(3) TIP32C PNP Transistor :
(4) Submersible Water Pump :
(5) Varo Board & Connectors :
(6) DIY Kit for Automatic Sanitizer Machine IR Sensor, Submersible Water Pump, Resistor, Power Cable, TIP32C transistor, 6-M2F Wire :

Circuit Diagram

Here at first we are using 7805 voltage regulator IC, then we will get 5V output voltage and that directly connected to IR Sensor and PNP Transistor TIP32C.

automatic hand sanitizer

Here we can see that output of the IR Sensor is connected to Base of the PNP transistor through 1K resistor.

7805 Voltage Regulator IC

At first the first component is 7805 IC, this is used for Voltage regulating. If we apply input voltage assume 12v or 9v or greater than that but we will get constantly 5v output voltage. Pin1 is input terminal, Pin2 is ground pin and Pin3 is output terminal.

TIP32C PNP Transistor

We are using a PNP transistor, here we used TIP32C IC. This transistor is also called power transistor. Pin1 is Base, Pin2 is Collector pin and Pin3 is Emitter terminal which is connected to VCC.


Whenever we place our hand near the IR Sensor, the Submersible Water Pump will activate automatically.

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