Simple Electronic Piano

555 Modes

Basically 555 timer IC can be used in 3 modes 1. Monostable Mode 2. Bistable Mode 3. Astable Mode.

In this blog we discussed about how 555 Timer can be used as Electronic Piano using Astable Multivibrator.

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555 Timer Pin Diagram

PIN 1 is Ground Pin, Pin 2 is the Trigger Pin, PIN 3 is Output Pin, Pin 4 represents Reset Pin, Pin 5 is the Control Voltage, PIN 6 is Threshold, PIN 7 is the Discharge PIN and PIN 8 represents Power Supply or Vcc.

555 Copy

555 Timer Internal Architecture

555 Timer is divided into 5 parts. First part is voltage divider circuit, second comparator block, third flip-flop circuit, fourth discharge circuit and last output driver circuit.

555 1

Simple Electronic Piano Circuit Diagram

One 0.5W Speaker is connected to PIN3 of 555 Timer with a capacitor of 10 microF. PIN2 is connected to PIN6 and a capacitor(Here we used 4.7microF) is connected with PIN2 & Ground. PIN6 is also connected to PIN7 with a 10kohm variable resistance, 7 * 1 Kohm resistance and 7 PushButtons. PIN7 is connected to PIN8 with a 10K ohm resistor as PIN8 is the Power Supply or VCC.

electronic piano circuit diagram

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