Robotics is a mixture of different kind of engineering such as mechanical, electronics, computer science and information technology. Robots are programmable machines that can carry out actions autonomously or semi autonomously and can replicate or imitate human actions, perform variety of tasks which are impossible or are inconvenient for humans.

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What is Robotics ? (Animated)

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Building a robot can be really tedious, if not the following basic steps are followed  :

(a) Depending on the environment in which the robot is assigned to work, all kind of Robots require some sort of mechanical construction. The mechanical aspect helps the robot to complete the task at ease.

(b) Some basic components that controls and powers the robot essentially includes an electric current (For example, a battery) to provide power to majority of robots.


(c) Every robot require some level of Computer Programming. Without a set of code telling it how to function, a robot would just be another piece of simple machinery. Inserting a program makes the robot function independently giving it the ability to understand when and how to carry out a task.

code 2
Art by : Pooja Chakraborty

Nowadays the world of robotics is developing extensively by each passing day. Where Robots have emerged as a new normal and have become an integral part of mankind. They neither get tired nor make errors and can perform repetitive tasks with utmost accuracy without getting stressed or fatigue.


We can’t specifically categorize into how many types of robots are there due to its shape, size & proficiency, each robot has its own individual characteristics. In simpler form, robots are of two different types on one hand, where user gives the proper program to the robots for executing a particular task and makes the robots function autonomously without any external support of user are Autonomous Robots, and on the other hand, robots which require user input to execute tasks are Controlled Robots. Although, all kind of robots contain some level of computer programming code.


Autonomous or auto-bots that are pre-programmed which can operate without human control and therefore are a part of artificial intelligence. They can transport variety of things from one place to another by using different kind of sensors embedded in them. It uses ultrasonic, infrared and proximity sensors to locate obstacles and change paths or navigate accordingly without human interventions.

The task assigned to the robot can be altered by re-programming the micro-controller if the user wants.

In this video our autonomous robot is following the white line using it’s sensors without any external control. (At IIT Bombay Autonomous Robotics Competition)


These kind of robots are manually controlled by humans which means these robots completely depend on the operators command without which it can not perform its task independently. Some robots are fully autonomous but majority of robots are partially autonomous and partially controlled by humans.

For example, In a factory, robot may know how to paint a car but awaits to receive commands from the factory control system to tell it when and which portion of the car is to be painted.

In this video, both robots are controlled manually by the individual team members. (At BIT Patna RoboWar Competition)


Robots are ideal for executing difficult tasks. Unlike humans, using robots in delegating dangerous tasks may likely to give you a repair bill but not a medical bill. Most of the robots are used in Industrial purposes. Rest are being used in different areas like Agriculture, Health, Education, Logistics, Transport, etc.


In this picture given below the man is ploughing the field with the help of robot through phone controlled.

To make agricultural work easier yet more efficient, people tend to rely on machines. Robots in agriculture help in harvesting fields, planting seeds and controlling of weeds. It is also developed to detect weeds in farmland and can autonomously spray herbicides directly onto the intruding plants. Therefore, reducing excessive use of herbicides in plants.

final noc opy
Art by : Ratnadeep Hore

Even in the field of healthcare robots can perform accurate surgery in a tiny space and transport medical supplies in there.

sergery 1
Art by : Pooja Chakraborty

In the present ongoing scenario of COVID-19  robotic technology in pharmaceutical industries is implemented to speed up vaccine production, manufacturing PPE kits, filling & sealing of syringes & tubes with correct quantity of drug. This enhances productivity, reduces cost as well as saves the workers from exposure to allergens.


Robots never run out of patience, which helps children who learns slowly to learn at their own speed. As it never gets tired of repetition and creates a neutral environment for all the students and not judge or laugh at them for any mistakes that they make which in turn help the shy children to learn well. Children get encouraged to participate, socialize and collaborate more in classes. They can develop mathematical skills, imagination and creativity at a very tender age.

PSX 20210525 001125 Copy Copy Copy
Art by : Ratnadeep Hore

Over the globe today, autonomous vehicles such as self driving cars and driverless cars are deployed to deliver goods and other necessities at doorstep. To combat surge in COVID-19 cases across the country the role of robots have become incalculable.

The usage of robots in transport is Eco-friendly as it cuts down emission of harmful greenhouse gases, lowers noise pollution and reduces unnecessary traffic congestion.

Transport final
Art by : Subhabrata & Ratnadeep

To reduce human errors and to get difficult jobs done , warehouse robotics in supply chain has shown rapid growth. Robotic logistics include ordering, warehousing, picking, packing, delivery, etc. Robots such as aerial drones in warehouse can get quickly to assist inaccessible areas. With the ability to identify information on each package they cut down unnecessary manual processes which are inclined to human error.


Industry is the oldest and most known user of robots. To meet Modern world’s demand automation has become absolute necessary. Robots and cobots (that work alongside human employees) efficiently carries out task which includes arc welding, assembling, picking and packing, painting etc. Robots can work in all kind of environment be it hazardous or unsafe for humans.

Art by : Ratnadeep Hore

From cooking to doing dishes, robots can be seen all over our homes, helping us with our daily chores. The most popular and  well-known example is the Autonomous vacuum cleaner ROOMBA. With capability of perceiving the environment on its own it learns the routine around it, cleans by itself and empties on its own. Moreover, robots have now evolved to do everything from autonomously mopping dust to mowing grasses.


Military robots are designed in such a way that it can guide soldiers in every complex situation. Robots are used to defuse explosives, for surveillance, scrutiny, sniper detection, reconnaissance, search and rescue, mine clearance, combat support.

Art by : Pooja Chakraborty

Even in space, where human travel becomes challenging beyond moon, robots are being used. With least human interventions, robots are capable of exploring, analysing, gathering of data and bringing it back to Earth.


Nowadays self driving cars are designed using artificial intelligence, robots are used underwater and also for ground photography, humanoid robots are a great achievement of mankind for example, HONDA’s ASIMO. Environment that becomes precarious to humans, robots can get along easily without any difficulty. It can help putting out fire at very populated, hazardous and dangerous places.

fire final 1
Art by : Subhabrata & Ratnadeep

This page of ours will give you detailed information related to Robotics where you can inflate your taste in Electronics, Mechanics and Coding related articles. Through our site readers can learn not only just how to build a Robot but also can learn how to Code. One can easily connect with different technology platforms, boost creativity and can develop one’s proficiency in Physics, Algebra, Digital Electronics, Computer Science. You can easily build many Artificial Intelligence based gadgets from basics to advanced level.

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